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WM: 6'4" 225. I'm a bit of jokester and have been called a nut from time to time, a chance taker.  Have an emotional side too.If God made anything other thing than a Marine, He kept it.  Member of Rolling Thunder; since 1990.Electrician, Welder with spcl trade, Customize Motocycles, Master Model Craftsman, Singer Song Writer, Kin to Jesse James WCC, and the OutLaw with proof to back it up. Exspress interest in precious stones, guns, knives. Safety Coordinator for Fortune 500 Company. My home is styled in a Castle like manner.  To protect my innocence I choose to use MUTHR as my name so taken from the movie "ALIENS." I believe in God the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost and the deity of Christ. I have 6 Grand children.Oh yeah...and I'm a member of the Ol'Farts club.    Some have called me Fibber McGee, some have called me The Great Gildersleeve, Some have called me things I can't post here but NEVER call me late for dinner.   Ahhh the great ol days of radio. Now was this trip really necessary?   
Favorite Music:
Oh, this is a good Q?  From Classic Country Gospel to Old Classic Country cryin in your beer type to Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) and Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)I enjoy modern as well like Pianist Edward Cullen famous piece;  Bella's Lullaby

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